North America

Paper Polywoven Bags In North America

Tool Asian is the market well-recognized manufacturer and exporter of Paper Polywoven Bags and BOPP Woven Bags of superior quality. Tool Asian is foremost industry for Poly Woven Bags exporter in North america. We are providing the Polypropylene woven fabric and bags which are suitable for almost all the products that have used paper sacks, cotton bags, jute bags for packaging. These offered sacks are improved and appropriate for storage due to their potency, sturdiness and aptitude to survive water and pests. North America has a huge rising and appropriate market for polypropylene sacks in North America.

Sr. no Country Capital Population Population(%) Language
1 United State of America(USA) Washington DC 321,284,000 56.59 English*, Spanish (minorities)
2 Mexico Mexico City 121,086,000 21.35 Spanish, Indian
3 Canada Ottawa, Ontatrio 35,919,000 6.35 English, French
4 Guatemala Guatemala City 16,276,000 2.89 Spanish*, Indian languages
5 Cuba Havana 11,452,000 1.99 Spanish
6 Haiti Port-au-Prince 11,994,000 1.98 Creole*, French
7 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 9,990,000 1.77 Spanish*, English
8 Honduras Tegucigalpa 8,990,000 1.56 Spanish*, English
9 Nicaragua Managua 6,714,000 1.19 Spanish
10 Costa Rica San Jose 4,891,000 0.86 Spanish
11 Jamaica Kingston 2,829,000 0.49 English*, Jamaican Creole
12 Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain 1,457,000 0.27 English*, Hindi, French, Spanish
13 Bahamas Nassau 389,000 0.08 English
14 Belize Belmopan 379,000 0.07 English*, Creole, Spanish, Garifuna, Mayan
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