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Tool Asian Polysacks Pvt. Ltd. has been a credible name and the top choice of our clients since the inception of the company. We are the leading company manufacturing, exporting and supplying of HDPE/PP woven fabric to our clients. Inspected years ago in the field of HDPE/PP woven fabric & bags/sacks with the well-established brand name Tool Asian Polysacks Pvt. Ltd. We are well-known as the leading manufacturer, exporter, and domestic supplier of HDPE/PP woven fabric and bags/sacks. Shri Sadhi Krupa Polysacks Pvt Ltd. is recognized as a one-stop production hub for woven packaging and technical textile. We are providing excellent quality packaging solutions as per the specifications, dimensions, and weights of our customers. Our Woven FabricPP Woven Bags products are flexible, high strength, and durable in the packaging industry that is mostly worn in fertilizer, cement, sand, food grains, sugar, cattle feed, fish meal, pulses, spices, dates, agro products, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, etc.

What Is Woven Fabric? - A COMPLETE GUIDE

A cloth formed by weaving is known as Woven Fabric. Woven Fabric means fabrics composed of two sets of yarns. The one set of yarns, the warp, runs along the length of the fabric. The other set of yarns, the fill or weft is perpendicular to the warp. Woven fabrics are held together by weaving the warp and the fill yarns over and under each other. In a weft weave, the yarn goes across the width of the fabric, while a warped weave goes down the length of the loom. There are different types of woven fabric, such as plain weave fabric, twill-weave fabric, and satin-weave fabric. Moreover, the plain weave, the warp, and weft are aligned; forming a crisscross pattern and the twill weave features a weft and warp pattern that is offset to create a diagonal pattern on the fabric’s surface and the satin weave uses a complex arrangement of warp and weft threads to create a smooth shiny surface.

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Business Areas of Polypropylene Woven Bags

Daily Necessities

Daily Necessities

Our PP woven bags are almost used by workers, farmers, cargo agents, shopping bags, logistics bags in stores, warehouses and houses.
Geo Technical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Our provided PP woven fabrics are extensively used in the construction of irrigation works, road, railways, ports, mines, buildings and many more. Moreover for the functions of filtering, draining, isolation and anti-seepage, PP woven fabrics are one of the most popular geosynthetics.

Food Packaging

Food Packaging

PP woven bags are increasingly used to pack food. Common food woven bags include rice PP woven bags, flour PP woven bags, maize woven bags, etc.
tourism and transport

Tourism And Transport

Temporary tents, sunshades and various travel bags can be made by Polypropylene woven fabrics. Moreover, the plastic woven fabrics can also be used as fences and screens during construction.

Agricultural Product Packaging

Agricultural Product Packaging

We are engaged in providing PP HD Woven Bags mainly worn in storing and transporting agricultural products such as aquatic products, feeds, fruits, vegetables, Polypropylene woven bags, chemical Polypropylene woven bags, fertilizer, etc.

flood control products

Flood Control Products

They are widely used in the construction of dams, river banks, roads and railway and important role in reducing or preventing the detrimental effects of flood waters.

Polypropylene woven bags = Polypropylene woven sacks

Woven Fabric

Reason For Using The PP Woven For Packaging Use


We have a world class infrastructure spread across a huge area and well prepared with all essential tools and latest machines. With the help of this hi-tech infrastructure which enables us to meet the bulk requirements of our clients within specific time frame. Our complete infrastructure is segregated into various units such as manufacturing, quality assurance, R and D and warehousing which work in a perfect dexterity to offer our clients a faultless variety of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Packaging Bags. We are flourished with the help of fully automated plant which is equipped with GCL cutting and stitching machine for enhanced performance and productivity.

We are backed with the team of qualified technical and non-technical staffs having vast experience in the field. We are even having an in-house laboratory equipped with the most advanced testing facilities for HDPE Bags and HDPE sacks.

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The latest testing equipment guarantees the standard of the product quality and reliability.

We have with us strong manufacturing amenities, which consist of wide-ranging equipment, plant and machinery to manufacture PP/ HDPE woven fabric sacks.

PE Woven Garden Bags, PP Woven Non Woven Fabric

PP Woven Non Woven Fabric

Synthetic House Wrap

Synthetic House Wrap

Non Woven Laminated Fabric, PE Laminated Pallet Machine Covers

Non Woven Laminated Fabric

PP woven laminated container liner

PP Woven Laminated Container Liner

Woven Fabric Manufacturing Process


Extrusion is the main process of the whole woven polymer processing value chain. These extrusion machines are equipped with the best-in-class equipment. Our extrusion lines attributes all the necessary attachments like melt pressure pumps, static mixers, capacitance gauging of film, automatic dosing mixing direct silo based feeding, Annealing and Quenching for low shrinkage conditioning.

Extrusion Coating

This extrusion coating process is the coating of a molten web of synthetic resin against a substrate material. It is known as multipurpose coating technique used for the economic application of various plastics, notably polyethylene, corrugated fiberboard, paper, aluminium foils.


The finishing section is designed for smooth workflow, neat and clean atmosphere and prepared with cleaning blowers. The quick, trained and committed workforce works as a team to distribute steady quality product.


Webbing is known as a strong fabric woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibers which is often used in place of rope.

Twisting and Filler Cords

We are flourished with an in-house facility for fibrillating and twisting our own stitching yarn to provide our customer with totally customized solutions.


Weaving the main process of making fabric or cloth. Weaving is the two distinct sets of yarns called the warp and the filling or weft are interlaced with each other to form a fabric.

Printing Section

Printing section is one kind of dyeing. Printing is carried out after pre-treatment of fabric or after dyeing of the fabric. This process is known for applying the color to fabric in definite patterns or designs.
hdpe woven fabric

HDPE Woven Fabric

woven sacks

Woven Sacks

Circular PP Woven Fabric

Circular PP Woven Fabric

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