Laminated PP Woven Sack

Tool Asian is a leading manufacturer of PP Woven Bags/Sacks in Shandong China. Our PP (Polypropylene) woven bags or woven PP bags are plastic woven bag primarily made of virgin polypropylene, are widely used for material packing for sugar, fertilizer, food grains, animal feed, sandbags, cement and many other industries. PP woven bags have the advantages of lighter weight, economy, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance and easy to customize. Their demand has exponentially risen in recent times. We manufacture and supply custom designed PP woven bags and PP woven sacks for customised size, type and colors as per customer’s required specifications.
Laminated PP Woven Sack

Attributes of Laminated PP woven sack

Technical Specification

Bag opening : Thermally cut, hemmed with vent or valve
Size : 30-91 cm or as per requirement
Length : As per requirement
Color : White or As per requirement
PE lining : Optionally polyethylene lining can be sewn in for tight packing
Packing : 1000 bags per bale or requirement
Weight : 50gms to 150gms or as per requirement
Used for : Packing cement, sand, chemicals, animal feed and food like grains, flour, sugar etc.
Mesh : 8*8 to 15*15
These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.
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